Coaching Packages Include

Self Care Strategy

Figure out what works for you and finally give yourself space to breathe. I focus on small bites and inner work that provides a strong connection to yourself.

G/2e Roadmap

Every situation is different, yet the options are consistently overwhelming. I help you focus on what matters to you.

Mindfulness Training

The small things make up the big things. Mindfulness helps you respond as your best self when life gets crazy. As it does pretty much everyday.


When there’s so much information, it takes a ton of time to research possibilities. I can help. Let me help you find what you need when you need it.


Ongoing Support

This can be a lonely journey. Nobody really gets it. I do. I’ve been there. Our community is growing. Join us.

Permission to Play

Our kids need play, and so do we. Reconnect to your creative self to foster your spark and inspire your kids. 


For those just entering the gifted/twice exceptional world, I’ll help you navigate the options and make sense of what’s going on. While caring for yourself in small, manageable ways, so you can be there for your family.



You’ve been figuring things out on your own, and now you want to bring fun back! We’ll focus on building skills, maximizing strengths, and cultivating playful parenting. You’ll come away with creative wellness strategies for you AND your children.

Locals Only!

Available if you reside on the Seattle Eastside, this in-person coaching & yoga experience creates a calm, accessible, and fun wellness foundation. All designed specifically for you and your family. (Yoga for mama OR mama and kiddos!)

Coaching experiences vary based on your individual needs.

Pricing ranges from $149 – $1499 depending on duration and intensity.

Your value isn't found on the outside. It's inside. Remember, you need space to grow too.

Give yourself permission to play. To nurture yourself AND your child. They will feel the difference.

Uniqueness makes us stronger. Show your children to care for themselves by caring for your own well-being.

Make yourself a priority.

Everyone benefits.