Workshop Options

Inner Self Care

Figure out what works for you and finally give yourself space to breathe. I focus on small bites and inner work that provides a strong connection to yourself.


Yoga is the ultimate destress mutitasker. Your body & mind walk away with calm energy. And you takeaway tools to teach your children.

Mindfulness Training

The small things are the big things. Mindfulness helps you respond as your best self when life gets crazy. 

G/2e Roadmap

Learn the landscape of the gifted/twice exceptional world. What to expect, how to find resources, and ways to help your while family thrive.



We need each other. Deep dive discussions bring people together fast. Learn easy ways to support each other and yourself.

Creative Play

Our kids need play, and so do we. Reconnect to your creative self to foster your spark and inspire your kids. Varies based on interest. No art degree required. wink

Connect & Release

This workshop focuses on connecting with your inner strengths and releasing what’s weighing you down. I’ll show you how to focus on what matters to you and your family, and let go of what doesn’t. You’ll walk away with a strong foundation for your own self care. Optional yoga practice. 2-3 hours.


Shift the Tide

Your energy & mindset make a huge difference for your family. This workshop focuses on self care & sanity strategies for life’s rough days. We’ll explore common challenges in parenting gifted/2e kids. You’ll walk away with a helpful tools to weather any storm. Optional yoga practice. 2-3 hours.

G/2e Paths

Want to know more about the gifted/twice exceptional parenting journey? This workshop provides a general overview of options and challenges parents encounter with gifted/2e children. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to navigate the sea of decisions ahead. 2 hours.

Signature (or customized) workshops are fabulous for mom’s groups, schools/organizations wishing to support parents, and alternative mom’s night out. Pricing varies.

Your value isn't found on the outside. It's inside. Remember, you need space to grow too.

Give yourself permission to play. To nurture yourself AND your child. They will feel the difference.

Uniqueness makes us stronger. Show your children to care for themselves by caring for your own well-being.

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